where Nature and tradition meet to provide an unforgettable atmosphere: thatís the enchantment of the true land of Sardinia,
at Sulcis Iglesiente in the Municipality of Buggerru. Itís a magical place with natural Sites of Community Importance, as defined
in a 1992 EU directive. Itís a magnificent location of rare beauty, as it is situated amidst well-preserved natural and semi-natural
habitats, with wild flora and fauna. And Buggerru is easily reached from the airport and the port of Cagliari.
From the Sassari/Iglesias interchange, take state road 130 to Iglesias and turn onto state road 126.
Under normal conditions, the route can be driven in little more than an hour, as you enjoy panoramas where untamed Nature
in the interior alternates with the coastline jutting out over the sea, and the blue expanse fades off into the horizon.